Meditation Yoga    

     Traditional Meditation Yoga

Beginners Training  (8 week)

Tues 23 Aug -11 Oct       

6.15pm - 7.45pm

includes: Postures/Breathing   Meditation                    ------------------------------

Level 1 Training        (8 week)

8.00pm - 9.45pm


Introduction to Meditation

Meditation Only

Beginners Training                   (4 weeks)

Thurs 22 Sept - 13 Oct

6.15pm - 7.30pm

Sitting Postures Only

Experienced to Beginner


Sunday Intensive

     Traditional Meditation Yoga

Sun 27 November


12.00pm - 5.00pm

Experienced to Beginner


MEDITATION COURSES and MEDITATION CLASSES conducted by MIND-YOGA (Aust) is training in traditional, authentic Kundalini Yoga Meditation under the direct guidance of leading Meditation Master of 30 years teaching, Dean Das.

THIS IS NOT WESTERNISED COMMERCIAL YOGA for Body and Ego enhancement. It is Traditional Yoga - for personal transformation. 

THE AIM OF MEDITATION YOGA training is to simply make you 'a better person'. A 'healthier', more 'aware' and 'compassionate' person. A more evolved human being. When the mind is stable, the breath even, and the body relaxed, the experience is one of a sense of 'unity of self'. This is Yoga i.e. 'union'.  

TO 'MEDITATE' is a highly skilled pursuit. As with any new learning, the quality of what is learnt is dependant upon the quality of the knowledge of the teacher. A poor teacher= little knowledge learnt; an average teacher = average knowledge learnt; a high quality teacher = a high quality of knowledge learnt.  Within the field of Yoga the highest quality teacher is called a Meditation Master. It is not easy to become a Meditation Master. To be a Meditation Master one must have served many years of an 'apprenticeship' to his/her Meditation Master who must already be highly respected and acknowledged within a reputable Yogic lineage of India. Secondly, one must receive direct 'authorisation' from his/her Meditation Master to teach as 'a Meditation Master'. The reputation of the Meditation Master is dependant upon the reputation of the disciple and vice versa.

MEDITATION YOGA COURSES and CLASSES is training in Complete Yoga - Yoga of the Body; Yoga of the Breath; Yoga of the Mind - the Yoga of 'the three bodies' - constituting the total human organism. 

MEDITATION YOGA is an INNER SCIENCE leading to a 'reconditioning' of the total human organism. It oxygenates the blood; strengthens the endocrine system; calms the central nervous system; stimulates the brain causing the release of  'positive' neuro-chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxycontin. The total human organism is rejuvenated 

MIND-YOGA, METHODOLOGY is that of the 9th Century Siddha/Nath Tantric Yogic tradition of Western India. The practice consists of a 6 component series of physical postures (asanas); in conjunction with breath regulations ( pranayamas); in conjunction with mental concentrations (pratyahayara/dharana), resulting in a 'one-pointedness' (samyama) of mind,  we call meditation (dhyana/samadhi). 

DEAN DAS is an Australian born, Meditation Master, a direct disciple of revered Siddha Meditation Master, Swami Prakashananda Saraswati of Nasik, Western India. Dean Das lived with his Guru in a 'one-to-one', Guru-disciple relationship for 7 years atop Sapta Shringi Devi mountain, Nasik, Western India, as a brahmachari sannyas (monk) of the Saraswati Order. For the past 35 years, Dean Das has been teaching, lecturing, and writing on the philosophy and practice of traditional Meditation Yoga.

Note: MIND-YOGA, MEDITATION CLASSES and COURSES require no prior 'pre-requisites'. You do not need to be 'young', 'super-fit', nor expected to perform abnormal and pointless, physical monkey contortions. Mind-Yoga is concerned only with your personal integrity, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to your personal growth. 

When the breath is steady, the mind is steady. When the breath is still, the mind is still. When the mind is still, it is called Samadhi (total union). Hence, the breath must be regulated until still.
— Goraksasataka