MEDITATION COURSES and MEDITATION CLASSES conducted by MIND-YOGA (Aust) is training in traditional, authentic Kundalini Yoga Meditation under the direct guidance of Meditation Master of 35 years teaching, Dean Das.

To be who you are is to transcend who you are. To transcend who you are is to be your original self’ - Dean Das

MEDITATION YOGA is to assist you in simply becoming 'a better person'.

  • A 'healthier', more 'aware', and more 'compassionate' person.

  • A person who grows in self-understanding - who learns to 'know' one's self better.

  • Who silences the demands of the 'conditioned' busy mind, allowing an understanding of the nature of self, and its relationship to the world to which we belong.

  • A person totally comfortable in their own skin.

Yoga is the stilling of the thought fluctuations in the consciousness.
— Yogah chittavritti nirodhah' (Yoga Sutras, 1.2)

MEDITATION YOGA COURSES and CLASSES is training in Complete Yoga - Yoga of the Body; Yoga of the Vital energy (Breath); and Yoga of the Mind - the Yoga of 'the three bodies' - constituting the human organism. Meditation Yoga 'reconditions' the whole human organism by oxygenating the blood cells; purifying the endocrine system; rejuvenating the central nervous system; stimulating and flooding the brain cells with 'positive' neurochemicals.

METHODOLOGY -  Meditation Yoga methodology consists of 6 series of physical postures (asanas); in conjunction with breath regulations ( pranayamas); in conjunction with mental concentration (pratyahayara/dharana), bringing the mind to a state of 'one-pointedness' (samadhi), the entry point to the experience of Self. 

Samadhi is the state of ‘one-pointedness where the Self is revealed in its own splendour.
— Yoga Sutras, 1.3

TO 'MEDITATE' is a highly skilled pursuit. As with any learning, the quality of what is learnt is dependant upon the integrity of the knowledge being taught; the integrity of the student, and the integrity of the teacher. A poor teacher= poor knowledge; an average teacher = average knowledge; a teacher of integrity = quality knowledge. 

DEAN DAS is an Australian born, Meditation Master, a direct disciple of revered Siddha Meditation Master, Swami Prakashananda Saraswati of Nasik, Western India. Dean Das lived with his Guru in a 'one-to-one', Guru-disciple relationship for 7 years atop the remote Sapta Shringi Devi mountain, Nasik, Western India. For the past 35 years, Dean Das has been teaching, lecturing, and writing on the philosophy and practice of authentic, traditional Meditation Yoga.

MIND-YOGA MEDITATION is the methodology of the 9th Century Siddha/Nath Tantric Yogic tradition of Western India. 

Note: MIND-YOGA, MEDITATION CLASSES and COURSES require no prior 'pre-requisites'. You do not need to be 'young'; 'super-fit'; or capable of performing abnormal and pointless, 'monkey' contortions. If you can, that’s ok too! Mind-Yoga is concerned only with your personal integrity, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to your personal growth. In the words of Dean Das’ Guru - ‘Don’t give me your Money. give me your Mind and Love’.

“When the breath is steady, the mind is steady. When the breath is still, the mind is still. When the mind is still, it is called Samadhi (total union). Hence, the breath must be regulated until still” - Goraksasataka

”Yoga is the means and the goal. Yoga is the path and the result. Live in Yoga to realise Yoga. Understand Yoga through Yoga. Yoga is living in harmony with your Innermost Being
— adapt. Patanjali Yoga Sutras